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Denver, CO 80209


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I have been a lover of rose for as long as I can remember. Nine Roses Elixir is a love letter, an homage to my beloved plant ally and my prayer to bring comfort and healing to the broken hearted. Every botanical in this elixir was harvested and flower essence made by my hand in 2018, either grown with intention in my garden or ethically wildcrafted. There are approximately 33 roses in each 1/2 ounce bottle supported by the essences of companion plants and rose quartz. This is plant energy spirit medicine, straight from the "Queen of Flowers" and my heart to yours.


Much Love,

Lynn Flanagan-Till 

Owner of Rosehouse Botanicals


Nine Roses Elixir is:


  • Sweet
  • Concentrated
  • Vegan
  • Made of 95% Colorado Sourced Ingredients
  • Suitable for topical use (add to baths, foot baths or body lotions) for those who cannot use alcohol and/or children under 1 year of age





Nine Roses Elixir 15ml


Rose Extract (Rosa centifolia & Rosa canina petals in biodynamic fruit & cane alcohol), Glycerite of Wild Rose and Hawthorn Berry (vegetable glycerin), Flower Essences of 9 roses (Wild Mountain Rose, Wild Prairie Rose, Wild Oceanside Rose, Apothecary Rose, Peace Rose, Damascus Rose, Pink Banshee Rose, White Playa Blanca Rose, Red Heirloom Cemetery Rose), Wild Pink Milkweed, Self-Heal, Bleeding Hart, Pink Yarrow, Catalpa, Heart’s Ease Violet, Bindweed, Venus Fly Trap, Angelica and gem essence of Rose Quartz (all essences in a base of colorado spring water and biodynamic brandy).